Module IV | Creativity and Resilience

stimulates your imagination, creativity and courage to face unknown outcomes. Leading change processes goes hand-in-hand with daring and innovation.
Strengthen how to think quickly on your feet, open out rather than close down under pressure, and build a feedback loop between thoughts and responses to support more competent risk-taking.

Contents and Methods of Module IV

In this Embodied Leadership Training Module, we focus on finding courage to face the unknown through improvisation, play and experimental problem solving. Leadership demands evaluating risks and meeting unknown challenges. Fear of making mistakes can shut us down and block our mind-heart-body from remaining curious, innovative and daring. Concern over shame or blame throws us into habitual defensive patterns.

In this module, we draw from current somatic and psychological research about the hormonal responses to stress and refocus our physical attention to diminish fear, stimulate confidence and open pathways for new behaviors. We also apply physical training methods from the performing arts of dance, comedy improvisation, theatre and music. Come join us for time to decompress and experiment with humor and play.

Movement and Other Methods

  • Improvisation
  • Role Play with Voice dialogue
  • Creative dance
  • Team building exercises
  • 5 Elements Qi Gong
  • Choreography
  • Wendy Palmer Leadership Embodiment
  • Music
  • Council Circle

Workshop Outcomes

  • Learn exercises to open the body for innovation and play.
  • Embody greater resilience to meet the challenges of change.
  • Develop the ability to improvise to “think on your feet.”
  • Give voice to the chains that limit your creativity and adaptive range.
  • Gain tools to help yourself orient for greater expansion and ease.
  • Learn movement meditations for clarity of purpose.
  • Identify how your body carries tension patterns of resistance and how these keep you stuck emotionally or mentally.

Prerequisites: Modules I, II & III. People with a background in Laban Movement
Analysis, Dance/Movement Therapy, psychodrama or related personal
development work may join individual modules with consent of instructors.

This module may be repeated.

“You both embody what you are teaching. I know I learned just by observing you and being in your energy.” – Dorothea Kloch, Headmaster

“I cannot thank you enough for the present you gave me. The ELT was an enlightening experience for me – the more time passes the richer the value of these days becomes.” – Ute Martina Witt, Alternative medicine practitioner

“I am really deeply impressed by your teachings and input and transformation you both have given to us! I can’t thank you enough for what you have given to me!” – Dr. Marita Schütz-Hartmann, Psychiatrist and specialist in psycho-somatic medicine and psychotherapy

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to register for full training.