Module II | Communication and Voice

builds Presence and skill to communicate engaging messages for connection and impact. How you move influences what you say. This workshop opens the feedback loop between your inner experiences and your movement, breath, voice and words, so that you can feel what you say with clarity and power.

Contents and Methods of Module II

The Embodied Leadership Training module on Communication and Voice develops mindful awareness of your voice quality and how it shifts in relation to your body and ‘inner landscape’. Voice and body affect the words you say and attitudes you convey. Slowing down to sense one’s voice also helps improve one’s ability to listen.   Every participant will practice speaking to a group and develop one-to-one listening/responding techniques. You will be coached on how to give feedback and how to develop congruence between your message and your body/voice connection.   Empowered messaging builds relationships and supports speaking and listening more fully in the present moment. We will work to align your non-verbal and verbal communication so that you may more fully speak your ‘Voice.”

Through this training, you will be able to:

  • Expand your unique communication style to create connection and speak your message publicly.
  • Explore and find new ranges of voice and movement.

If you want to exercise your ability to speak up, speak out and draw in, join us in ELT Communication and Voice.

Movement & Other Methods

  • Laban Movement Analysis
  • Non-verbal Communication
  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Breath-led Movement Sequences
  • 5 Elements Qigong
  • Archetypes for Leadership
  • Council Circle

Workshop Outcomes

  • Learn what type of authority you carry and project
  • Discover how your voice quality creates a feedback loop with your movement
  • Find your grounding to self-regulate under stress
  • Experience how well people hear you and you hear them
  • Develop personal Presence — from one-on-one relationships to public speaking
  • Practice how to offer constructive feedback
  • Expand your comfort zone in your self-expression

Prerequisites: Module I. People with a background in Laban Movement Analysis, Dance/Movement Therapy, psychodrama, yoga or related personal development work may join individual modules with consent of instructors.

This module may be repeated.

“I learned about my personal relationship to my body, movement and how this is connected to my way of interacting with others.” – Jane Schütz, Businesswoman

“I have rediscovered the part of me that can speak in public. A very empowering experience.”  – Claudia Roth, Architect and Project Director

“This whole weekend was a safe space in which to make “mistakes” and find that they were really just LEARNING points!!! An experience and joyful connection within and with the group that was both a kind and challenging growth experience. You created the space and time to explore different aspects of oneself.” – Katarina Thome, Businesswoman.

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