Module I | Embodied Self-Awareness

increases embodiment to discover a rich and largely unconscious source of self-knowledge. Leaders with strong embodied self-awareness engage in relationships with more finesse, aligning their words, feelings and actions. ELT is designed to connect body intelligence and emotional intelligence.

Contents and Methods of Module I

ELT I takes the first step to increase your “head, heart, body” connection – building and integrating your overall “intelligence” through embodiment skills.

In this module we explore the fundamentals of Laban movement principles to expand your expressive repertoire; develop body integration with movement patterns of connectivity; unleash Archetypes of the adult leader to access hidden emotions and attitudes; expand non-verbal awareness with non-verbal communication processes. We also introduce Mindfulness practices using 5 Elements Qigong and the five channels of experience to Resource, increasing your flexibility and bandwidth to tolerate change and self-regulate under stress.

We focus on the principle that leaders with strong embodied self-awareness build relationships with more sensitivity and better align their words, feelings and actions.

Movement and Other Methods

  • 5 Elements Qigong
  • Laban Movement Analysis
  • Patterns of Body Connectivity
  • Jungian Archetypes for Leadership
  • Wendy Palmer’s Leadership Embodiment
  • Somatics
  • Tracking the “Felt Sense”
  • Introduction to the SIBAM
  • Expressive movement for grounding, stability, focus, control, ease, and pacing
  • Movement imagery
  • Use of “Space” for personal boundaries

Workshop Outcomes

  • Develop a deeper capacity to modulate stress and increase self-care by Resourcing
  • Strengthen embodiment to expand perception, Presence and confidence
  • Increase conscious expression and control over your personal boundary and its permeability
  • Stretch your comfort zone in movement expression
  • Identify tension holding patterns in the body
  • Reclaim the freedom to dance and move playfully
  • Deepen integration of mind, body and emotion

No movement experience is necessary. This module can be repeated.

“Your training is so phenomenal, I cannot put it in words. You two are the perfect team. As personalities you are reliable, truthful, radiating a comforting calmness and competence bringing along huge experience and love. You have the ability to point out doors we only need to step through.” – Ute Martina Witt, Alternative, medicine practitioner

“Judithe and Deborah are two experts in their work. They embody what they teach and worked together in a very supporting way. They are inspiring role models for female leaders and for me.” – Gudrun Alles. Teacher and Research in African Dance

Group size: 20 people, to grant personal attention for each participant

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to register for full training.